Florida version of the Great Gatsby

Davis Island in Tampa is a great place to live!  If you’ve never heard of this area before, it got its name from Dave Davis, the developer who transformed it into a luxurious residential resort by dredging mud from Tampa Bay in the 1920s.  Davis had a vision of making this island into the “Florida version of the Great Gatsby.”  By the time the island opened in 1924, 306 lots were created.  And, the top radio station in Tampa, plus a major hospital, also relocated to this island paradise. At just a little over three miles south of downtown Tampa, Davis Island is easily accessible via the Davis Island Bridge.   


Known for its upscale amenities and beautiful views,  Davis Island is one of the most expensive and exclusive Tampa neighborhoods.   This close-knit community has a unique and attractive atmosphere with its outdoor recreation and waterfront homes.   Shopping, dining, and a lively nightlife are all within reach in this easygoing and quiet area.  


Of all the wonderful reasons to love living on Davis Island, the number of things to do is number one!   Packed with attractions and amenities, Davis Island has recreational facilities, a business district,  and nightlife with bars and restaurants. Davis Island also boasts a pedestrian-friendly and pet-friendly environment that makes it super easy to dine, shop, and have fun on foot.  And not to leave pet owners out, there are also two dog parks on the island to enjoy!


The East Davis Boulevard of Davis Island is a commercial district with cafes, bars, and restaurants. Enjoy Tampa’s famous weather by choosing the many sidewalk seating options at most restaurants.  In the mood for steaks and seafood in a casual to fine dining environment?  You’ll have to check out 220 East.   Looking for a classic Tex-Mex family-friendly restaurant?  Try Margaritas Mexican Restaurant.   Thai Island Restaurant is another trendy restaurant along the commercial district with signature dishes like delicious curry and Thai Island Scallops.


When you’re in the mood for shopping, browse through the small shops that are mostly locally owned. For example, the TeBella Tea Company, with its fun atmosphere, is a tea and cafe shop with over 85 varieties of tea in addition to artisan chocolates and mouth-watering French macaroons.    For your furry friends, make sure you stop by Wag Natural Pet Market and Grooming for the store’s specialty; all-natural cat and dog food. Be sure to take your pup in for a self-service bath or session with a professional groomer.


Davis Island has many opportunities for outdoor recreation, including bicycling, swimming, and boating. The crown jewel of the island is Davis Island Beach. While it may not be the greatest for swimming, the beach is definitely perfect for boat watching, catching some rays, or just enjoying a picnic. The south end of Davis Island Beach offers a dog beach! Fido will love having an area dedicated to his species to frolic in.  The boating culture is an enormous part of the life of the island.  Considering a large percentage of homes are situated right on the water, it’s no wonder! 


The Davis Island yacht club is located at the island’s southern end. 

This private yacht club sponsors sailing races, an active cruising fleet, a women’s sailing group, and a youth sailing organization.   Facilities at the club include wet and dry slips, a boathouse for small sailing craft, dinghies, a marine railway, a clubhouse, and a swimming pool.  Thursday Night Races are open to anyone wishing to sail and provide a way for novices or newbies to become better acquainted with the membership.


When looking for an upscale place to live or visit, look no further than the exclusive Davis Island.  You’re guaranteed to love living and enjoying life on this gorgeous island!