Classy and historic neighborhood of Snell Isle

Centered around Snell Isle Boulevard in St. Petersburg is the classy and historic neighborhood of Snell Isle. Named after the developer, C. Perry Snell, this area is home to luxury houses, upscale buildings, and peaceful public parks.  


C. Perry Snell was a Kentucky Druggist who moved into the St. Petersburg area sometime around the early 1900s. He bought 40 acres of mangroves located near what was known as Coffee Pot Bayou with the ultimate goal of developing a site that would attract buyers from all over the United States. Snell built in the Mediterranean architectural style, which proved to be a magnet that attracted many wealthy buyers to the area.


Even though Snell Isle was a typical Floridian muddy mangrove island, Perry had high aspirations that his master plan would succeed. In 1925 when the neighborhood opened to the public, only 39 acres out of 275 acres sat above sea level. But that didn’t stop Snell! He managed to sell over an incredible seven million dollars of lots out of the original 39 liveable acres! With the help of dredging and filling in the land with soil brought in from Tampa, the liveable area grew to 275 acres sitting above sea level, and the price tag for these lots has maintained its standard to the present day.


Snell wanted his unique, upscale development set apart from anything else in the area. He desired that it would be “the pearl of Pinellas.” So, at area street intersections, he erected statues and sculptures. These include concrete versions of griffins and jungle animals, setting Snell Isle apart from the rest of St. Petersburg. There’s even a C. Perry Snell Memorial complete with a brass commemorative plaque!


Additionally, Snell opened what is presently known as the Renaissance Vinoy Golf Club and Resort in 1926. Visitors will love the combination of historic luxury that meets the modern day world and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places! While enjoying the sophisticated atmosphere, guests can stay healthy in the fitness area and tennis court, soak in the sun and swim in one of the pools, tee off at the Vinoy Golf Club, or charter a boat from the private marina on a sightseeing trip of the bay. Then, take a break from golf and relax in the clubhouse. Also built in 1926, this building is a mixture of styles with a Moorish accent as is the focal point of the Snell Isle area. This resort is also close to Vinoy Park, Tropicana Field, and the Florida Aquarium.  


In 1928, Snell built the St. Petersburg Woman’s Club building which is still in operation today. After all these years, their philosophy of “… social conscience, civic responsibility, and educational progress along with cherished ties of friendship. We continue to preserve the past while planning the future” still holds true! This historic building is also on the National Register of Historic Places.


Also, a part of the Snell Island development is the Snell Isle Park. It is a popular place to hold weddings, filled with beautiful views, wide-open spaces, and historical statues. Visitors can enjoy the park 30 minutes before sunrise until 30 minutes after sunset.


One thing is for sure, Snell Island is a wonderful place to live, enjoy life, raise a family, and experience historical culture in real-time. The crime rate is low, the housing market stable, and property values holding steady in relation to market trends. In addition, well over 80% of the homes in the Snell Isle area are privy to waterfront views.   No wonder why homeownership in this area is so widely coveted!